EN ROSE a Berlino

Martedì 19 ottobre 2021 alle ore 20 il Duo Alterno si veste di nuovo in rosa portando i PINK SONGS, per l’occasione chiamati EN ROSE, al BKA Theater di Berlino per la storica rassegna di contemporanea Unerhörte Musik. Info e prenotazioni al link https://www.visitberlin.de/en/event/unerhorte-musik-duo-alterno. Di seguito il dettaglio del programma, questa volta in inglese e con alcune variazioni rispetto alla precedente esecuzione di Cagliari.

En rose
A Duo Alterno’s project with new music by Italian women composers

Duo Alterno
Tiziana Scandaletti
Riccardo Piacentini

En rose is a Duo Alterno’s project whose first idea was born in 2019. More than thirty pieces written by as many Italian women composers and dedicated to the Duo Alterno were collected for several concert programs on the same theme and programmed till now in Finland, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, Algeria, Argentina, Germany, Denmark (chronological order). From time to time the title was: Pink Songs, Canciones en rosa, Chansons en rose… and now En rose, that is also the title of the introspective Maria Radeschi’s piece on extremely sensitive texts by Silvana Copperi. This piece will be preceded, as a symbolic introductory theme, by a lightning-fast work written from Rossella Spinosa on the name “Duo Alterno” and performed, for the pianist, directly on the strings and, for the voice, through wide melodic intervals and wide dynamic excursions. After these two pieces that will be sung and played without interruption, the present version of our “pink program” designed ad hoc for two concerts in Berlin (October 19th 2021) and Copenaghen (October 25th) will go on with a couple of new piano improvisations on two so charming works by Carla Rebora and Carla Magnan, composed to explore some contemporary technical and expressive potential of the piano, remembering composers of the past but totally projected to the future (Magnan’s piece is an hommage to Aleksandr Skrjabin). The following Marcela Pavia’s piece is a very articulated work inspired to the madness of the last life period of Gioachino Rossini; you have to imagine a crazy mix of singing-acting-whispering-crying soprano and… playing-acting-whispering-crying pianist on three levels of counterpointed texts by Pietro Metastasio, Charles Baudelaire and Sandro Cappelletto. Elisabetta Capurso and Sonia Bo wrote both their complex pieces at the end of the Nineties; it is really impressive how much they are so deeply confident in abilities of the performer, each one with her own very personal poetics, more apparently cold and “post-structuralist” for Elisabetta and more intimate and emotional for Sonia. Crazy again, like Marcela’s one, the pieces by Roberta Vacca and Ada Gentile, both very extroverts, ironic and even funny, the first one on timeless texts from “La Gatomaquia” by Lope de Vega and the second one on Venexian writer Sandro Cappelletto’s texts where Tiziana acts the role of the cartoon character Betty Boop and Riccardo is her loyal dog (and pianist) Boby. The result is hilarious and the musical writing is very eclectic and varied, from vanguard to Mozart, from Sciarrino to simil-rock.

Rossella Spinosa
Miniatura Zero [
Thumbnail Zero] (2017)
for voice and piano
Texts by the composer
Dedicated to Duo Alterno

Maria Radeschi (1956)
En rose (2019)
for voice and piano
Texts by Silvana Copperi
Dedicated to Duo Alterno

Carla Rebora (1973)
From “Quattro Coreografie” [Four
Choreographies] (2002)
for piano
Brief studies on gestural and timbral solutions for the piano
Selection with real time improvisations
First world performance

Carla Magnan (1973)
From “Cosmofonie” [Cosmophonies] (2016 and follow years)
for piano. Progressive anthology of brief cosmo-follies for solo piano
Selection with real time improvisations
First world performance

Marcela Pavia (1957)
Non lo sperar da me [Don’t expect
this from me] (2018)
post-modern invention on “Mi lagnerò tacendo” [I will complain silent] by Gioachino Rossini
for voice and piano. Texts by Pietro Metastasio, Charles Baudelaire and Sandro Cappelletto
Dedicated to Duo Alterno

Elisabetta Capurso (1940)
… veniva il vento d’estate… [… Summer wind was coming…] (2005)
for piano

Roberta Vacca (1967)
Coplas de Gatos [Coouples of cats] (2003, vers.
for voice and piano
Texts freely extracted by “La gatomaquia” of Félix Lope de Vega
Dedicated to Duo Alterno

Sonia Bo (1961)
Per umbram [Through shadow] (1999)
for piano, on imagines by Henry Cartier-Bresson

Ada Gentile (1965)
Come passa la giornata Betty Boop [Betty Boop’s daytime] (2006)
I. I pensieri di Betty Boop [Betty Boop’s thoughts]
II. A passeggio con Boby [A walk with Boby]
III. Giocando a palla [Playing with a ball]
IV. Lezione di solfeggio [Solfeggio lesson]
V. Pattinando sul ghiaccio [Skating on ice]
VI. A scuola di ballo [Dance school]:
– A tempo di valzer [Waltz time]
– American rock
for voice (Betty) and pianist (Boby)
Texts by Sandro Cappelletto, English version by Anna Lisa Deidda
Dedicated to Duo Alterno